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Taken from my own experiences, these articles are intended to help writers with all aspects of writing craft including inspiration, lifestyle, creativity, motivation, critique, and growth. My expertise includes managing a critique group and being fearless in my writing and in pursuit of my dreams. Fear is the only thing holdng you back. Fear is what I'm here to slay.

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    The Struggle with Writing Multiple Genres

    Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my “brand”. I was considering giving you a dark suspense short story when you sign up for my yet-to-be-created newsletter.  Soon after sharing the idea in a Facebook writers group, I was told…

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    Writing Sympathetic Villains: A List of Requirements

    I LOVE a good villain. I always gravitate to the bad guys and gals, and adore writing sympathetic villains. Sometimes, I find the villain/antagonist more interesting than the protagonist because the protag is usually reacting to the things the villain…