Chapter 3 – Moonlight Serenade

Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer & Little Brown Publishing own all rights


The vanity in my room held the top-of-the-line La Bella cosmetics. Spritzing myself with a spray of perfume, I checked the mirror one last time. Grabbing my beaded purse from my dresser, I stopped by Jasper’s room to get the tuxedo he was letting me loan to Edward. Thankfully, they were just about the same size; it’s a good thing since I was fairly certain Edward didn’t have a tuxedo lying around his place. Holding onto the banister, I hurried down the grand staircase, nearly running into Emily at the bottom of the steps.

“Miss Rosalie! You look beautiful, as always. Red truly is your color!” she took me in, holding my hand as she twirled me around like a ballerina. Taking both of my hands in hers, she looked at me and said, “Your father would be proud, sweetheart. Please enjoy yourself tonight.”

I did my best to hold back my tears, I felt like all I had been doing the past week was crying. Thankfully for me, I cried most of my tears during Edward’s visit earlier in the week; I’m sure he didn’t feel as fortunate to have seen them as I was to have a comforting shoulder while they were shed.

“Thank you so much for your kind words, Emily. I hope you and Sam enjoy your night off. Stay out of trouble.” I gave her a knowing wink. I was quite certain that something had been going on between Emily and Sam for some time now. They didn’t talk about it much but the looks they gave each other were loving and it made me yearn for something like that in my life.

Emmett walked through the foyer and I handed him the slip of paper where Edward had written his address in surprisingly elegant handwriting. He helped me on with my floor length white Ermine coat and we headed out the front door as I waved goodbye to Emily over my shoulder.

My mind danced with thoughts on the ride to Edward’s place and Emmett seemed to understand that I’d prefer the radio to conversation. Edward had been at the house quite often in the past week, although it didn’t seem as though he was any closer to finding any concrete leads. He did suggest that he’d found some things that he would research further but nothing had panned out thus far. I was getting used to seeing him around the house and he seemed to be forming a connection with the staff. And me.

Thoughts drifted to the line of reporters we would face when walking into the Gala and how I would handle the questions about Edward. I knew that there would be whispers about me being out so soon after my father’s death and whether I had time to properly mourn. Edward’s presence only complicated matters: Who was he? How was I involved with him? Why hadn’t he been seen with me prior to Daddy’s death? I figured that I would put a positive spin on this, tell the reporters that I knew it was best as the new CEO of La Bella to continue on as my father would have. I hoped that they hailed me as a woman with good business sense. As for the questions regarding Edward, that was a bit trickier. I figured I’d try to be as vague as possible, giving them only bits and pieces of information. Basically, I planned on lying. They didn’t need to know the real reason to our being at the Gala and they certainly didn’t need to know of Edward’s profession.

The buildings in Edward’s neighborhood looked a bit run down and I realized I didn’t really know what type of home a detective would live in. Emmett stopped the car in front of a building and I saw him rechecking the scrap of paper where Edward had written the address.

“Rosalie? I think this is it. Can I walk you in?” he asked, hesitation in his voice. I could tell why. It wasn’t a nice area of the city and he was nervous about bringing me here. I thought about it for a moment while Emmett scanned the area, I assumed to make sure that everything was safe before he allowed me to exit the car.

“You can walk me into the front hallway, Emmett. Then perhaps circle the block a few times to keep the car warm until we are ready to head to the Gala?” I asked as he assisted me out of the car and carried the tuxedo over his arm. He gripped my arm tightly, as if he were my personal bodyguard.

We walked up the few steps to a stoop and into the vestibule at the top. He handed me the tuxedo and stood at the foot of the stairs, watching me walk up the stairwell to the first landing. Passing doors one and two, I stopped and knocked on the door marked three. Hearing his footsteps coming toward the door, I looked over to where Emmett stood, looking apprehensive and a bit perturbed at the thought of leaving me there. I shooed him away with a wave of my hand, insisting I was fine.

Door three swung open and Edward was suddenly in front of me, leaning his arm over his head on the thin wood of the door. His slacks rode low on his hips and he wore nothing on his torso but a sleeveless undershirt. My mouth went dry and my eyes took in his bare arms, muscular chest and lazy grin. His arm snaked out and pulled me into the room as he kicked the door closed behind us. Shaking my head, I looked around the barren studio apartment that doubled as his office. The first thing my mind registered was there was no bed. Blushing, I shook my head at the thought, trying to shake the dirty thoughts right out of my head. I handed the tuxedo to Edward and he hung it on the screen that separated the room in two, looking at me questioningly. I went to remove my coat but he shook his head, explaining the room was a bit cold.

“Can I interest you in the one cent tour?” he smirked at me as I looked around. He took one step to the desk. “This is the office.” He took a few steps toward the back of the apartment, jerking his chin to the left. “Kitchen.” Jerked his chin to the right toward a small door. “John.” He walked a few steps to the right and hit the wall. “Bed.” The Murphy bed fell to the ground with a thud. His eyebrows raised slightly and I saw that wicked gleam in his eye as he looked down at the bed and then back up at me. “Would you like to have a seat?”

There was an overstuffed chair near his desk and I quickly sat down in the chair, trying to look anywhere but him and failing miserably. “I hope the tuxedo works well for you. If we had more time, I would have sent it over to our tailor but I think that you and Jasper are basically the same size so it probably won’t be too much of a problem. But if it is, I can always try to-”

“Doll, relax. It will be fine. Why don’t you help yourself to a drink?” he motioned to the bottle sitting on the desk next to my arm, while he moved to the other side of the screen, presumably to put on the tuxedo. I looked around for a glass but didn’t see any sitting out.

“Edward, where can I find a glass?” I asked, calling over the screen. I don’t know why I bothered raising my voice; it’s not like the screen did anything to break up the noise in the room. He appeared next to me, shirt undone and working the cuff links through the left cuff. He sauntered over to the small kitchenette area, took two glasses out of the cabinet above the sink. He poured us each much more than two fingers and I picked mine up from the desk.

“Cheers,” he said, as he clinked his glass to mine and threw his head back, downing the entire glass in one shot. I took a tentative sip of mine, the alcohol burning its way down my throat, and I tried not to cough. My eyes filled with tears yet again, and for the first time in a week, it wasn’t because I was sad. Edward headed back to the other side of the screen and continued to get ready as I nursed the bourbon in my glass.

“So here’s the deal for tonight. We go, we mingle. Keep an ear to the ground and our eyes on the prize. You make your way around the room and do your thing. Mingle. Talk to the people you think might know something. Hell, talk to the people you think wouldn’t know something. We’ll meet up after a bit and compare notes.” I heard his voice floating around the screen, like he was pacing while he was talking. I heard the door to the bathroom hit the wall and him rustling around in there.

“Damn it!” he cursed under his breath and I got up from where I was perched on the chair.

Rounding the screen, I saw him standing with the bathroom door open, struggling with the bow tie. “Can I help you with something?” I asked as I made my way over to where he was. I joined him in the tiny bathroom, placing myself between him and the mirror over the sink. Pushing his hands away from the tie, I started fussing with it, pulling one side down slightly lower than the other before crossing the longer side over the shorter one. “Jasper’s never really been good with bow ties so I got to practice with him when he was learning from Daddy.” I finished and straightened the tie and gave him the once over. He had slicked his hair back with Brylcreem and shaved, ridding himself of the five o’clock shadow I’d grown accustomed to him having. However, it appeared that even though he had just recently shaved, the stubborn stubble was making its way back to his face already. “The tuxedo fits you well. You look really handsome.”

He started to protest and I put my fingers to his lips. “You should accept a compliment as it is given to you.” I felt the porcelain sink against the small of my back through my coat and the walls of the small bathroom seemed to be pushing us even closer together.

He stared at me hard for a moment and I felt his lips move against my fingertips. “Rosalie,” his voice held a warning, his eyes clouding over a bit as he moved his face closer to mine.

“Why don’t we stop talking, Edward?” I removed my fingers from his lips and ran them up the side of his jaw. My heart thudded wildly in my chest as I let go of all pretense. Tilting my head slightly, I willed for him to move his face closer to mine, to close the small gap that remained between our bodies.

A knock at the door broke us apart. Edward moved to run his hands through his hair until he remembered it was full of Brylcreem. Shoving them in the pockets of the tuxedo instead, he threw open the door to find Emmett standing in the doorway.

“Emmett,” it came out half greeting, half growl as Edward strode over to the desk, picked up my glass of bourbon and finished it off.

“It’s nearly 7:30, Miss Rosalie. We really should get you and Mr. Cullen to the Gala,” Emmett said as he looked down, knowing he had interrupted something.

“Thank you, Emmett. We’ll be out in a moment.”

He nodded once before giving Edward a hard look and turned to go wait in the car once more. Unsure of what to say, I collected my purse from the desk while Edward put on his coat in silence. He poured himself a bit more Wild Turkey and threw it back before looking over at me.

“I suppose we better get a move on,” he said, a little too casually.

“I suppose so,” I replied.

We descended the steps from his apartment to the waiting car. The ride was brief and we were at the Knickerbocker Hotel before I had much time to think any further about what had nearly happened at Edward’s or what was going to happen when we arrived. As I expected, there was a horde of reporters waiting near the front door. I stopped and spoke with them for a few moments, Edward standing by my side, holding my arm. Their questions ranged from the standards about La Bella, how I was dealing with my father’s death, and who was escorting me this evening. Smiling at him, I held his gaze as I told them that he was a family friend. That was all the information they were going to get from me and they seemed satisfied with what I provided them.

Once inside the venue, I shed my coat, revealing my red gown. The rhinestone straps felt a bit heavy on my shoulders, a contradiction to the rest of the dress which was made of light satin material. It dipped low in the back and the material fell on my curves, hugging them and showing them off. My tailor had created a small bustle with the train of the dress, which I unhooked so that it fell to the floor in a cascade. Edward had been uncharacteristically quiet and I chalked it up to his lack of experience or perhaps his observations of everything. Handing my coat to the man working at the coat check, I noticed that Edward was assessing me with his eyes in a way that was a bit unnerving. I asked worriedly, “Is everything all right? Do I look okay?” Looking down, I wondered if there was a pull in my dress or if I had gotten a stain that I failed to notice.

“It’s a good thing you didn’t take off your coat at my place,” he said as he circled around me.

Oh. Oh. Well, then. I flushed with pleasure.

“Doll! Rosie-baby! Come here and give Alec a hug!” Alec Demontey came strutting toward where Edward and I were standing. Under my breath I whispered his name and status in the Chicago business world to Edward.

Alec approached and drew me close to his body. “Good to see you here, Rosie-baby. We weren’t sure you’d be here, what with your father’s passing and all. God rest his soul. You holding up okay, kid?”

I smiled a smile that felt anything but real to me. Edward could see through the fakeness of it but it had Alec eating out of the palm of my hand. “I’m doing well, Alec, all things considered. Have you met Edward Cullen?” The two men flanked me on either side and I introduced Edward as the three of us entered the ballroom. The two men made small talk while I visited the bar, getting beverages for the three of us. It wasn’t customary for a lady to visit the bar, but I figured that since I’d be entering the man’s world of business, it was important that these men see me as an equal. While at the bar, I caught sight of Stevie Torrino. After giving the drinks to Edward and Alec, I made my way over to Stevie.

Stevie Torrino was a well known character of questionable reputation in Chicago. He had more money than Rockefeller although it wasn’t well known exactly how he’d made his fortune. He was standing near a few of his cronies, smoking a cigar. His eyes lit up when he saw me making my way over to them, hips swaying seductively and pursing my lips.

“Sweets! Didn’t think I’d be seeing you out and about so soon. What are you doing keeping company with Cullen? Don’t you know spending your time with a private dick is nearly as bad as keeping company with a copper? You ain’t here to cause trouble, are you, sweet cheeks?” he grabbed me close to his body, his hands roaming all over mine. These men certainly were all very handsy.

“Stevie, you know I’m not a troublemaker. Cullen is nothing more than a family friend, he told me he would escort me after my father’s passing.”

“Your father was a good man, sweets. Heart attack, they said? May he rest in peace!” he picked up the glass he had resting on the table next to him and raised it in a toast to my father. I saw Edward across the room, watching my interaction with Stevie as he conversed with Alec.

“Yes, I do miss him quite a bit. It’s been a very rough week,” I lingered, not sure how I could possibly bait him into telling me if he knew something more about my father’s passing. “It came as such a shock, being that he was in such great shape and good health.”

“Well, we’ll all miss him, that’s for sure. He was a good man, always on the up and up. Never looked down at nobody. He will be missed.” Stevie wasn’t giving me anything except empty compliments about my father. While it was all very nice to hear, it was a waste of my time. I thought about getting another drink or another graceful way to exit the conversation when he turned to the man on his right and asked if we had met.

“Frankie Jones, have you met Rosalie Hale? She’s taking over La Bella Cosmetics.” It wasn’t necessary to tell him of my father, I could tell by Frankie’s expression that he already knew all about his death. Bingo! Maybe this fool would give me something Edward could work with.

“Very nice to meet you, Frankie.” I put out my hand to shake his and he used the connection to pull me in close to his body.

“Very nice to meet you, Rosalie,” he said as he took hold of my arm and started walking with me.

Stevie looked over as we started to drift away from where he was standing. “Oh, and sweets? If you ever find out that something went down with his death that wasn’t legit, you just let me know. You understand me?”

Frankie steered me away from Stevie and the rest of the men we were standing with. He continued leading me away, past the other Gala attendees. I was a bit alarmed, but I figured it was all in the name of detective work. “I was wondering how you are doing since the untimely passing of your father.”

I felt a bit unnatural speaking about something like this with someone I didn’t know. I gave the standard answer, “It’s been a difficult week but I have close family and friends that are helping me through this tough time.” Perhaps from my tone he could understand that I didn’t consider him to be included in that group of people.

His arm was slung over my shoulder and he ran a fat finger along the strap of my dress. “Ah yes, you have a brother, right? Jasper?” I nodded my head.

He leaned in and his breath reeked of a mixture of alcohol and cigar. I tried hard not to flinch away but moved my head back so that my face wasn’t directly near his mouth. “Love the way you look in this dress,” he breathed out, the same finger running along the side of my breast. “I think I’d love it even more if I could see you out of this dress.”

My eyes widened as he tried to wrap his body around mine. My fists clenched at my sides and I knew if I could get away with it, I would punch this man in his jewels like Jasper had taught me. “Mr. Jones, I’m not sure that this is entirely appropriate.” I put my hand on his chest and playfully pushed him back, rather than using my full strength and knocking him over, which I probably could have done given how drunk he was. I tried to be cautious of his feelings and remove myself from the situation. This man had nothing to offer me about my father and everything to offer me in the way of trouble. Not the heart trouble that came along with Edward but real trouble. I finished my flute of champagne and decided to use it as an excuse to get another one and away from Frankie.

“I think I’m going to go pick up another drink. Would you like anything from the bar? I could send a waiter over to assist you.” Not that he needed it, since he smelled like he’d already emptied a bar of his own this evening.

“No thank you, sweet cheeks. But make sure that we catch up later, huh? I have a room right upstairs.” He gave me a parting slap to the derriere as I walked toward the bar. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw him wink at me and I shuddered, turning back toward the bar. Edward came into my line of vision, his face contorted into an angry scowl. Afraid I had done something wrong in my Girl Friday duties, I looked up at him, a bit frightened.

“Are you insane? How could you just go off with that guy? He looked like he was planning on dragging you off and having his way with you in some back alley!” His eyes were murderous and I could feel the heat rolling of him without even touching him.

My drink forgotten, I looked for a diversion. The band had just started playing “I’m a Fool to Want You,” the vocalist softly crooning into the microphone.

I grabbed his hand, imploring him with my eyes. “Don’t worry about that joker. He was disgusting but I could handle him. Dance with me? Please?” I didn’t even know if Edward enjoyed dancing but I was hoping this would be a good distraction and a chance to talk. Not that I had much information to share.

“Of course,” he murmured, “I should have been the one to ask you.” Picking up the train of my skirt, I found the small rhinestone bracelet my tailor had sewn to the inside of the material. His hand rested on my waist as he led me to the center of the dance floor, before he took me into his arms.


“It’s a good thing you didn’t take off your coat at my place,” I whispered near her ear as I circled her.

Because if you had, we never would’ve made it out of my apartment.

“Doll! Rosie-baby! Come here and give Alec a hug!” I heard someone call above the noise of the crowd. Rosalie introduced him as Alec Demontey before walking off towards the bar. Don’t expect me to remember what Alec and I talked about. I only took notice of how Rosalie caught the eye of every fella in the room as they parted to make way for her. I nodded along and pretended to pay attention to what Alec was saying, and if I were half the detective I claimed to be, I would have been giving him the third degree. But I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Rosalie walking toward me with our drinks, a sexy confident smirk on her ruby red lips, looking as stunning as everyone expected her to. Still, apart from that dress, I liked her better natural.

That dress. My jaw clenched.

“Here you are, Edward, your bourbon. And Alec” she said handing us our glasses. “Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment gentleman, I see someone I must say hello to,” she said and gave me a significant look. She turned to leave and I watched her weave her way gracefully through the crowded dance floor…and away from me.

Goddamn that dress. How does she expect me to do my job when I can’t take my eyes off of her and that goddamn dress? I ground my teeth together as I realized that all my working plans for crashing this ritzy gig fell apart the moment her fur coat fell away from her.

Alec kept the chatter up without much encouragement from me, and I was able to keep an eye on Rosalie. She glided over to Stevie Torrino, a well known mob crony with whom I’d had a few run-ins. I watched her talk to him with a casual friendliness and saw nothing to raise my suspicion, but plenty to pique my jealousy. Another lackey, whom I didn’t recognize, staggered drunkenly over to her and pulled her away from Stevie.

I felt as though my anger had turned my eyes black as I watched him drape his arm around her bare shoulder and trace the strap of her dress with his thick, greasy finger. Enraptured, I kept watching while my fury grew by the second. His finger continued going down her side and over to barely graze the side of her breast.

“Excuse me, Alec,” I blurted abruptly and left him in mid-sentence, ditching my drink on a nearby table. I dodged the couples dancing as best I could, all while keeping my eyes on Rosalie and that bastard who was about to wish he hadn’t shown up here tonight. Just as I was about to break it up, I saw him slap her ass and my chest rumbled with wrath.

“Are you insane?” I said, as I came up to her, “How could you just go off with that guy? He looked like he was planning on dragging you off and having his way with you in some back alley!” It took all my control to keep my voice at a reasonable volume.

“Don’t worry about that joker. He was disgusting but I could handle him. Dance with me? Please?” she pleaded.

“Of course, I should have been the one to ask you,” I said tensely and tried to let go of the anger that was making me ball my fists. I motioned for her to follow me to the middle of the dance floor and turned to face her. With my left hand, I gently touched her elbow, and ran my finger down the length of her forearm, catching her wrist and pulling her toward me. I took a step closer to her and brought my other hand up behind her back and to her shoulder blades, gently trailing my hand down her bare back until it rested on her satin covered waist. She swallowed adorably and blinked at me.

“Did wearing that dress pay off?” I murmured near her ear as we began to sway slowly back and forth.

“How do you mean?” she asked.


“Did you learn anything?” I clarified.

“Stevie offered his er… services should I need them in relation to Daddy’s death,” she glanced at me to see my reaction before continuing. “And Frankie asked about Jasper,” she added.

“Frankie must be that prick that can’t take a hint,” I said through clenched teeth. I felt her soft little finger on my lips again.

“Hush, Edward. I could use a few laughs tonight. Help me have a good time? Please?” She pleaded and there wasn’t anything I would have denied her when her blue eyes glowed like that.

See, Cullen? There’s no way in hell you are getting out of this with your heart intact.

I pulled her closer to me and nuzzled my nose in her hair, “How is it you always smell like roses?” I whispered and took a deep breath.

“It’s perfume, silly. La Bella, of course,” she said as I slowly twirled her around once and pulled her smoothly back to me, our feet falling easily into the dance steps.

“I underestimated you, Edward. I didn’t expect you to be a dancer, or to clean up so nicely,” she acknowledged with a delighted smile.

“I’m full of surprises, Rosie,” I purred, and stared directly into the blue depths of her eyes.

I didn’t expect you to be so lovely and so real.

I brought my mouth to her ear, the tip of my nose grazing her cheek along the way. “Wanna get out of here?” I murmured, my detective duties entirely forgotten.

“The sooner the better,” she whispered breathlessly.

In the limo, my fingers burned to touch her. After the days of getting to know each other better, the near kiss in my bathroom this evening and the torture of watching every man at the Gala undress her with their eyes, I couldn’t ignore that I was in serious fucking trouble. If she showed the slightest interest in me, I’d have that dress off of her so fast it would make her gorgeous little head spin… and my golden rule about not sleeping with clients would be sleeping with the fishes.

At least I had still that condom in my wallet, the one I carried as a talisman against entrapment.

She seemed to hum beside me, emitting an electricity that drew me like a moth. It took a lot for me not to slide closer to her. Whenever the darkness of the car was illuminated by a passing vehicle or streetlight, our eyes would meet, the expectation clearly written in her pouty lips twisted into a knowing smirk.

I wanted to be good. I wanted to be professional. So I made a vow that I’d wait for her to make the first move, but I bargained with myself that at the first sign of a green light, I would act.

The car pulled up to the house and Emmett opened the door for us. As we entered the mansion, Emily took our coats and every last vestige of my will power crumbled when I got another eye full of that dress.

Emily disappeared and Rosalie turned to me with hooded eyes.

“I’m going to change,” she said with a playful shrug of her slender shoulders.

Can I help you with that?

What I actually said was, “Got any Wild Turkey?”

“I think so, in daddy’s office,” she said, daintily clutching the banister and raised a perfectly arched eyebrow at me, “You know, upstairs.”

Green light if I’ve ever seen one.

I smiled, wickedly triumphant, and bowed to her, “After you,” I said. She smiled and turned to lead the way.

I untied my bow tie and unbuttoned the top buttons of my shirt as I followed her up the stairs. I let my gaze fix upon her full, perfect ass accentuated by the sway of her hips as she moved. With each sway to the left, then languidly to the right, my cock grew harder. At the top of the landing she glanced at me over her shoulder.

“Be right back,” she smiled and went towards her bedroom. After a moment the radio came on, and I heard the horns of Glenn Miller’s Orchestra trumpeting “Moonlight Serenade.”

Once inside the office, I strode to the drink cart and took the cap off the first bottle I grabbed, giving it a whiff to determine its contents. Whiskey. Whatever. I didn’t care that much, I just needed something wet. I grabbed two glasses, swiped the bottle off the cart and made my way to the doorway of her bedroom.

I leaned against the door frame with my arm raised over my head. She didn’t know I was standing there watching her. The room was dark; she hadn’t bothered to turn on the light for some reason. The only light came from the soft glow of the radio dial. She stood in front of her vanity which was littered with make-up containers and perfume bottles. Her slender frame twisted as she tried to pull down the zipper of her gown, which appeared to be very conveniently stuck.

I can help with that.

I stealthily walked into the room and moved toward the nightstand on my right. The bed was adorned with a thick, white satin coverlet, the hint of a satin sheet peeked out at me from under the stack of pillows that ran along the headboard. And the bed was massive.

Good, plenty of room.

I smiled in anticipation as I sat the glasses and whiskey down on the dark wood of the nightstand, being careful not to clink them together. I didn’t want her to know I was there yet. She was still fiddling with her zipper and growing impatient as she huffed a wisp of hair out of her eyes. I pulled my wallet from my pocket and opened it, extracting the discreet square paper envelope that read “Devil Skin” and set both down on the nightstand.

Better keep my talisman handy.

I came up close behind her, and swept the heavy curtain of her hair off of her back and over her shoulder. I slid my fingertips luxuriously down her shoulder blade and towards her ribs until I felt the cold metal tab of the zipper. On the first try, I got it to slide open. My fingers sizzled as they pulled the zipper and skimmed her ribcage all the way down to her hip bone, until the zipper refused to go further. My hand had no such constraints, and I let it rest on her pelvic bone, my fingers digging into her. I heard a low, long moan float out of her softly parted lips and she let her head fall back to rest on my chest. I brought my other hand around the front of her and found her soft cheek. With the back of my hand, I gently caressed her from her temple to her jaw. I bent my head and nuzzled my nose just below her ear and I was suddenly aware of her perfectly sculpted ass right fucking there, pressed so close to me that there was no way she wasn’t aware of how hard I was for her.

“Rose,” I moaned intending it to be a question, asking her permission to go further, but instead it escaped my lips in the form of a strangled plea for her to put me out of my fucking misery.

She turned around and looked me dead in the eye. What I saw in her gaze was every green light in Chicago.

I crushed her to me with a whimper. My mouth seized upon hers, she responded, eagerly engaging my tongue that waged a war with hers. She reached up to run her hand through my hair and pulled my head back, breaking the kiss so she could pepper my stubbled jaw with hot little kisses. My eyes rolled back in my head and I knew I was a goner. Her hands slid the suspenders off my shoulders then began eagerly unfastening the buttons of my shirt. I worked on my cufflinks, tossing them carelessly on the floor while I coaxed her backwards and into the wall. Once I had her cornered, I pulled away from her and brought my hands to the straps of her gown. I never broke my gaze from her eyes as I slowly guided the straps down and off the sweet sloping curve of her shoulder.

Her gown fell to the floor around her ankles in a pile of billowing satin and the sight it revealed took my fucking breath away.

She wore nothing but a pair of red satin panties trimmed in thick lace, and a matching garter belt that held her stockings up.

That’s it.

I grabbed her, a hand on each cheek of her glorious ass, and lifted her up. She read my mind and wrapped her perfect legs around my waist, kissing me deeply. I kissed her back just as firmly and carried her to the vanity. I sat her down on top of it, making her perfume bottles clink together in the darkness as I ground my hips eagerly into her. She whimpered and her fingers tangled tightly in my hair. I repeated the motion with more insistence and continued to kiss her; unable to pull myself away even if I’d wanted to. I slid my hand firmly from her knee up to the top of her stocking. With a snap of my fingers, I quickly unhooked the two little straps that held the silk stocking in place and began to slowly roll it down her thigh to her ankle and off her foot. I began the process again on her other leg before I broke the kiss and moved my head between her legs, leaving a torturous trail of wet kisses down her thigh and around her knee. When I pulled the other stocking off, she leaned back, splaying her hands on the vanity and I heard the crashing of god knows what falling to the floor. She arched her back ever so slightly, jutting her tits out into the cool air, bestowing me with the gift of…herself.

I stood before her and bent my head over her chest. I ran the tip of my nose along her breast bone, stopping only to plant a single kiss right above her heart.

I felt her trembling hands pull my shirt off my shoulders and down my arms, dropping it on the floor next to us. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my socks off with my feet while her hands deftly moved from my chest and down to the cummerbund around my waist. She wrapped her luscious gams around me again, and pulled me impatiently and impossibly closer to her before reaching around my back and unfastening the cummerbund and tossing it onto the floor.

“Rosie,” I whispered into the darkness and my head tilted back in rapture. I felt her delicate little fingers slowly unfasten my pants. Both her hands came to rest on my hips for a moment before she guided the slacks off of me and onto the floor. She pushed against my chest and I reluctantly pulled away from her. She stood and kissed me fiercely, coaxing me backwards until I felt the bed hit the back of my legs. I sat down expecting her to stop, but she didn’t. So I laid back and waited with bated breath to see what my Rosie wanted.

Because I was to ready to give her anything.