Chapter 2 – Body & Soul

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She watched Emmett disappear down the street before turning her vivid blue eyes on me, a coy and flirty fucking smile playing at the corners of her mouth. I took her hand and led her into the vestibule of my apartment and watched her walk in front of me, my hat still perched on her head and her flowing blond hair swaying as she walked. That wasn’t the only thing that was swaying, watching her move demanded my undivided attention. We were already at the door when I realized I hadn’t taken out my key. I thrust my hand into my pocket to fish it out, but she beat me to it and pulled her copy from her handbag. The corner of my mouth turned up and I ran a hand through my hair, unable to hide the fact that her having a key to my place made me embarrassingly giddy. She slid the key into the lock, her eyes flashed to mine and we both knew beyond any doubt what was going to happen once we entered my apartment. Her smirking red lips drew my attention, as they so often did, and my gaze traveled over her in possessive anticipation. She wore a vermilion colored dress, secured by small white buttons down to her waist and cinched with a matching belt. I adored her in red, but I absolutely loved her in nothing.

Patience, Cullen.

Her wrist turned the key in the lock, slowly forcing the latch to release. She opened the door and let herself in; I followed right behind her like a leopard stalking its prey. She sauntered to the desk and dropped her purse near the phone. I emptied the contents of my pockets: my smokes, Zippo, keys and handcuffs, onto the desk. After I took off my suit jacket and loosened my tie, I took off my holster and removed my Colt .32 and put them on the desk as well. Rosie went and turned on the radio before she sat down in my wooden desk chair, rolling up to the desk and propping her red high heels up on top of it. Benny Goodman’s “Body and Soul” floated through the air as I watched the skirt of her dress fall back from her thigh revealing an hint of garter belt and silk stockings.

“Well?” she asked expectantly, taking my hat off and dropping it on the desk with a flourish. I laughed.

Always so fucking demanding.

I went to her and leaned over her, tilting her face to mine with my finger. “After I shower,” I promised and gave her a quick peck before turning and heading into the john for the quickest shower in history. On second thought…

“Want to join me?” I offered hopefully, immediately enthralled with the idea of her lathering me up. She looked tempted for a moment; a small smile flitted across her features for an instant but then she explained she didn’t want to wash her makeup off, in case we went out later. She picked up the Chicago Tribune on my desk and started thumbing through it, her hint to me to get a fucking move on, and I grumbled under my breath about the ridiculousness of cold creams and rouge as I made my way to the shower… alone.

After I dried off, I wrapped the blue towel around my waist and exited the bathroom. Rose was standing at the desk, one hand on her hip and the other at her forehead. Her posture suggested she had misplaced something and was looking for it, to no avail.

“Lose something, baby doll?” I asked. She jumped, startled and turned to face me. She smiled a little sheepishly and my alarm went off; Rosie was many things, but never timid. I decided to put her feet to the fire just enough to make her… writhe.

“You know the punishment for snooping right, doll?” I teased, putting on my very best crooked smile for her.

“No,” she answered, looking annoyed and reluctantly interested.

I reached behind her and plucked my handcuffs off the desk. “I’d have to take you into custody,” I smirked, clicking one cuff around her right wrist. Her eyes grew to the size of saucers, the smallest hint of exasperation flashing through her expression. She couldn’t fool me, though. I saw her lips begin to tremble.

“Are you going to read me my rights?” She quipped, trying really fucking hard to sound indignant.

“You have the right to submit and not make me use force,” I whispered warningly.

“Do I get a trial?” she queried after a moment of hesitation, still trying to sound casual despite her breathy whisper.

I leaned in and nibbled her lip before answering. “You’ve already been convicted doll. I’m afraid it’s time for sentencing. You’ve been found very guilty,” I murmured against her lips as my hands moved to unfasten the buttons of her dress. She trailed her fingertips up my stomach, swirling the remaining droplets of water on my chest and shoulders around in dewy patterns. It was my turn to savor her as I kissed her, relishing her taste. I’d missed her so much over the last five days. I had all the buttons unfastened quickly and started eagerly unbuckling her belt. A moment later, I pulled the dress off her shoulders and it pooled around her ankles as it fell off of her and onto the floor. Quickly, I removed her undergarments, unwilling to take the time to romance them off of her like I normally would have, I just wanted her too fucking much.

Once I had her gloriously naked, her hands slid down to the towel around my waist and pulled it apart before dropping it to the floor. Her eyes widened in appreciation as she took in the sight of me hard and all too willing. I caught her cuffed wrist and brought it up between us. Taking the empty cuff and bringing the cold steel to my left wrist, I clamped it firmly in place. Her eyes grew wide and almost imperceptibly, she shifted her weight causing her thighs to rub together.

That’s right, Rosie, you aren’t getting away.

With our wrists manacled together, I entwined my fingers with hers and squeezed tightly. With my other hand I cupped her cheek and brought my lips to hers, kissing her deeply as I pulled us toward the desk. On the way, I moved my hand from her face and plucked a condom out of the desk drawer. She took it from me without hesitation and ripped it open, then rolled it onto my length one handed, and I marveled how quickly she’d mastered something that was no doubt a fucking art form.

I sat down in my desk chair, and pulled her to me, guiding her so that she straddled me. She drew me into her with a slow delicious swirl of her hips until she had me completely enveloped. Her head fell back slightly as her free hand reached up and grasped the back of the chair behind my head. Once she had it firmly in hand, she pulled herself to me and ground her hips into me with a slow forceful arc. I growled with pleasure at the depth of her, hissing as she pulled off of me before sinking down onto me again. My cuffed hand found her breast and took her nipple into my mouth. Her hand, unable to move freely, could only reach my hair. She tangled her fingers in it and pulled, matching the force of her hand with an equally forceful grind of her hips. I could feel my intensity building, growing easily because I hadn’t had her all week. We were both eager, our usual wantonness amplified by a lack of being near each other.

The heart isn’t the only thing absence does wonders for.

My hips bucked up to meet her insistent rhythmic movements and her mewling cries began to follow each other in quicker and quicker succession. She was building. I could feel her tightening around me as she moved up and down, her breasts bobbing delightfully right in my delighted fucking face. I was about to come and I wanted her to come with me. I reached down between us and began rubbing her clit in swift circles with my thumb. She groaned so loudly that I was positive Mrs. Cope, my landlady who lived next door, could hear the pleasure ripping through her body. The realization that I was making Rose lose herself like that was enough to push me over the edge. I bucked my hips and ran my free hand up her back, gripping her shoulder as I pulled her down on top of me one final time.

Both of us now spent, I leaned back in the chair and she relaxed on me, resting her head on my shoulder as I started playing with her hair. I took a deep breath and relished the mixture of roses and sex that hung heavy in the air. It dawned on me then that, of all the things I’d missed over the week, holding her afterwards like this was what I’d missed the most.

“I missed you,” I confessed in a whisper and kissed the top of her head.

“Good,” she exclaimed, “Maybe that will stop you from leaving next time,” she shrugged, completely unapologetic against my bare chest.

“I don’t like leaving,” I told her earnestly.

“So don’t then,” she shot back.

“You make that sound so easy doll, I do have a little thing called rent to pay,” I laughed and leaned forward, her signal to stand and let me up so I could clean up. I saw my keys on the desk and snatched them up, quickly sorting through them until I found the key to the cuffs. I released Rose first and then removed the heavy steel from my wrist.

When I came out of the bathroom, Rosie had put all of her underclothes back on and was sitting on my desk with one leg propped up on the chair, deftly adjusting her stocking with one hand, a cigarette held gracefully in the other.

“I’m hungry,” she informed me. I knew that was coming; she was always hungry after sex. It was so fucking cute.

“How does Hwang’s sound, baby doll?” I asked distractedly as I went to my dresser to pull out fresh clothes. She came over to me and put the cigarette in my mouth.

“That sounds perfect,” she replied and pecked me on the cheek, before sauntering off to the john. I had just pulled a pair of boxers from the drawer when her next statement punched me in the gut.

“Your father called me, Edward. He needs your help,” she called, way too fucking casually, over her shoulder.

Where the FUCK did that come from?


I had only seen it once before, but I knew exactly what I was looking for.

An old worn photograph – one of happier times for Edward and his parents. I’d seen it for just an instant, a few weeks ago. I’d come out of the bathroom to find him holding it in his hand, his head cocked to the side and his finger tracing his mother’s face. I couldn’t see his face but, just from his posture, I could imagine his expression was one of pain, of longing. He turned to see me but didn’t mention anything of the photograph, simply slid it into the top drawer of his desk and carried on as though I hadn’t caught him in a private moment. At the time, I let it go. It was his secret to tell, something he’d come to talk about in time.

However, with Dr. Cullen contacting me, I knew that now had become the time. I thought that if I could just find the photograph, it might be a good opening for the conversation that I was about to start.

But then we got… sidetracked, as we so often do when we’re together. Of course, I couldn’t really place the blame on him for that one, I had wanted him from the moment I saw him walking down the street near the Fleetwood. Before that.

So I did what I do best, I bluntly threw it out there in our post-coital haze, while we were getting ready for my next Chinese food experience. Granted, it might not have been my most brilliant move but it needed to be said and I wanted him to have some time to digest it before we headed out to the restaurant. Perhaps I’d get some more information from him, maybe he’d be more forthcoming and I’d find out why there was such a large rift between him and his parents. They were lovely people, the Cullens, and I couldn’t understand what could have possibly happened that would cause such strife between them. I expected that we’d talk a bit at the apartment and then again at Hwang’s about how he could start making amends.

What I didn’t expect was Edward’s reaction.

“Excuse me?” his voice was low and had I not been listening for it, I might have missed it altogether.

“Your father, he called me while you were away, working on the case,” I repeated, a bit slower this time before heading into the bathroom. Letting him marinate with the idea for awhile. He had only spoken two words but, from those two words alone, I could tell he was not very happy. I finished in the bathroom and walked back out to face the music.

He was still standing there, stark naked with his boxers in hand. I grabbed my discarded dress and started getting dressed, not looking at him.

“Dr. Cullen, your father, called me earlier today. It seems as though he’s in some sort of jam and he was wondering if you and I might join them for dinner sometime soon.” I turned, buttoning the front of my dress and attempting a smile which fell short when I saw his expression. Angry wasn’t the word.

“Why in the hell didn’t you tell me this sooner, Rosalie?”

Pardon me?

“I don’t know Edward but, seeing as how you are handling this so well, I can’t imagine why I didn’t tell you sooner,” I replied dryly. My dress buttoned, I moved toward him, desperate to put him at ease. Instead of leaning into me like he normally would, he pulled away, sitting down on the side of the bed. I blinked, my hands falling to my sides, not sure of what was going on.

“Edward, I don’t even know the situation with your parents and I don’t know what type of trouble your father is in but he sounded despondent. I wasn’t exactly sure how to bring it up.”

His fingers weaved their way through his already mussed up hair and he looked toward the floor. “Why didn’t he just call me? Why did he call you?

“Perhaps he thought that you’d respond to his request better coming from me than from him? Obviously that’s not the case. I don’t really know, seeing as-” He cut me off, seething with anger.

“This is fucking ridiculous. The man doesn’t pick up the phone for nearly ten years and now he’s calling you to grease me up for him? What a racket!” His eyes flashed and I felt the anger rolling off of him in waves. I could understand his being upset about Dr. Cullen contacting me but it felt as though he was taking his anger out on me, rather than his parents. That was something that I was not okay with.

“Listen, buster, I know you are upset over this. However, I don’t really understand your reasoning or logic because… well… you’ve never really shared this part of your life with me. I don’t know what went on but I know didn’t do anything to you. So you need to watch your tone with me.”

“Well, I don’t fucking intend on sharing it with you now, either.”

The words were harsh and I flinched at the venom behind them. He was acting like a petulant child and I wasn’t at all impressed with the attitude. I started collecting my belongings, ready to get away from him. What a difference a few hours can make. I couldn’t wait for him to get home and now I needed to be far away from him before I said something that I’d regret. I already knew that he’d be kicking himself for this conversation when he simmered down.

He noticed me gathering my things and I heard his voice rumble from the bed behind me, “Rosalie, I-”

I held up a hand, stopping whatever degrading statement was about to come out of his mouth.

“No. You know what? I know you just got home but you’re being a real bastard right now. There are obviously some family issues you need to work through and apparently I’m not privy to that part of your life. So when you decide to stop acting like such a selfish ass, you know where you can find me. Welcome home, Edward.” I spat out the words as I glared at him. Flinging open the door, I stormed out of the apartment and slammed it behind me. The walls rattled and I could hear something that sounded like a frame run down the wall and crack inside. Good! The was something satisfying that came with the knowledge that I might have hurt something of his.

In the vestibule I ran my hand over my hair and then slid my hands into my white gloves. Taking my mother’s compact out of my purse, I looked at myself in the reflection. Indignant tears sat at the corners of my eyes and I blinked them away, furious at him for nearly making me cry. I won’t shed tears for your stupidity, Edward Cullen.

Walking out onto the sidewalk, I glanced back at his window for a moment before quickly hailing a taxicab.

The cabbie looked at me, expectantly. Where will I go?

“Lou Mitchell’s on Jackson.” I settled back on the seat as the cabbie maneuvered his way toward the diner. I was still hungry and since Hwang’s was obviously out of the question, Lou’s was my standard go-to. I tried to think about other things besides the argument I had just had with Edward, but of course, I could think of nothing but the argument. The words played and replayed over and over in my head as I looked out the window. I hoped that Alice was working because I needed her perspective on things.