Reviews for Becoming Jane

“This was gorgeous. It was written beautifully, even though it isn’t pretty subject matter. I love the use of sensory description. I literally could smell the smoke.”

“Your writing it truly brilliant; this reads like a fine novel. I am beyond impressed and will definitely be reading more of your writing.”

“Amazing, purely amazing! Wonderfully written! I have many, many praises I could give, but none of them would even begin to express how truly wonderful this story is. Do the world a favor, and continue to write such fantastic stories!”

“Incredibly powerful. Brilliant insight into how Jane became who she is. Exquisitely well written.”

“This was absolutely brilliant writing. Your descriptions are like night jasmine; climbing, twisting and blooming in the dark.  The story was incredibly intense and well planned. Each time I thought: “Oh, no, she’s not going to go there.” – you totally went there. And somehow you did it with a class and style that didn’t allow me to feel repulsed by what were clearly repulsive things. Instead, I was curious. I was en rapt. I was horrified. I was a little in love. ”

“You should write horror for a living … that was as squicky and creepy as any Steven King or Dean Koontz that I’ve read!”

“Absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for this beautifully written and captivating story.”

“Absolutely amazing, there is no other word! AMAZING!”


Reviews for Deceptive Little Flower

“WOW. That was incredibly intense and very, very well written!”

“As always, not a word is wasted and the characterizations are rich and heady.”

“Brilliant. I think this is one of the best fanfiction pieces of writing I’ve ever seen. You just project yourself into her mindset. How you do it is beyond me, but the results are astonishing. It was so so well written. Well done. Seriously.”


Reviews for Minuet in F (you) Major

“Your writing is genuinely amazing…I fully expect to see both of you in print on my bookshelf one day!”

“I love this whole story. Your words just flow together perfectly and it’s…gawd, it’s amazing.”

“The amount of research you’ve put in to this story is incredible, it amazes me every time”

“I love everything about their characters and their interactions together. The tension is sooooooo good.”