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Welcome and Howdy-Do!


My name is Jenn, and I’m an emerging fiction writer who, like so many before me, wonder why I choose to continually torture myself this way. Wasn’t it Hemingway who said “kill your darlings, and along the way you’ll die a little, too,” or something like that?

My stories are about whatever character or idea comes to me. More often than not, they tend to lean toward the darker side, but sometimes I surprise myself and my readers. Let the words come, I say, and if they don’t fit into one of the publishing industry’s many boxes, then ALL THE BETTER.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since i was a kid, a fact I discovered recently when Mom cleaned out all my kid stuff and found stories I’d scrawled in Crayon and pencil. As a teenager, my focused shifted to other hobbies, like ditching class and experimenting with life, activities so essential to the proper development of snarky teenage characters and cynical literary heroines.

In my early thirties, I entered a Twilight Fan-Fiction Contest with a short story titled Becoming Jane. It’s literally about how Jane became Jane. Despite the show-stopping title, it gained traction. I continued to write fanfic for a year, alone and with a co-author. While I’ve retired my fanfic penname, LoreliD, I’ll always be grateful for the friends I made and writing lessons I learned while crafting my short fiction and novellas. You can find a sample of my fan-fiction work under the Menu.

After taking a break from writing to pursue my day job career goals, I’m returning to writing and finishing my WIP. I call it a paranormal adventure romance with a sci-fi twist. It’s called Dunnraven, and It goes something like this;

Kayla, angry and acting out after losing her father in a drunk driving accident, gets suspended from school. Instead of focusing on her homework ad chores she’s been given as punishment, she becomes obsessed with finding a way to communicate with her dead father through a Ouija Board that attracts an evil she cannot comprehend. When she meets Eric DeFerro, she doesn’t realize he’s the one with the answers to her questions, and keeper of a secret that will force her on the path to learning what happens when we die and cross over to the Praetera.


When I’m not writing, I’m either making a quilt, hiking a mountain, running a half marathon, or geeking out over pop culture.I will likely talk about all of those things at some point, but the main thing you’ll get by subscribing to my newsletter and blog is authenticity and meticulously crafted storytelling. And maybe the occasional nightmare or two.

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