J.L Perez is an emerging fiction author who lives high in the Rocky Mountains near Boulder, Colorado. She is most at home writing on her laptop until the wee hours of the morning when the only thing louder than the howling wind is the howling coyotes. She never skis, but loves hiking the Rockies and binging on Star Trek whilst sipping Earl Grey in her footie pajamas. Her work can be found in Plains Paradox, and she’s the Second Place winner in The Same Online Literary Journal’s Fall 2017 Short Story Competition.

She began writing fiction in 2009 when she entered a Twilight Fanfiction contest and won Best Canon with her one shot Becoming Jane. She wrote a handful of other canon stories based on the Volturi before collaborating with LightStarDusting on several Roseward romances including Minuet in F (you) Major. Her fanfic archive can be found at LoreliD and LightHeartLoreli ffn profiles.